Mark Wahlberg Fitness Program For The Fighter


Mark Wahlberg Reveals His Fitness Training Exercise Program for The Fighter Mark Wahlberg Fitness Training Exercise Actor Mark Wahlberg has been breaking hearts ever since he broke into the scene with his hit 1991 single Good Vibrations, and he continues to leave a trail of them hearts as he made the big jump into movie-acting with roles in blockbuster hits such as Boogie Nights, The Perfect Storm, Planet of the Apes, Four Brothers, The Departed, Invincible, and The Fighter. Aside from his ruggedly handsome looks, he has something many men strive for– obsess over, even– a legendary abdomen hard work and discipline brought […]

Mark Walhberg Talks about the Right Body Building Diet Plan and His Fitness Exercise Program


Get Fit With Mark Walhberg Celebrity Mark Walhberg’s Fitness He started out as a rapper known as Marky Mark back in the early 90s but even then Mark Walhberg now one of Hollywood’s hunky daddies and recognized actor, has been sporting a great body that a lot of guys out there aspire to have. Because of his ripped abs and well defined muscles in all the right places, he even landed a modeling gig with Calvin Klein underwear making ladies swoon everywhere. How did Mark Wahlberg get this kind of body? What kind of diet plan and fitness exercise program […]