Stone Cold Austin’s Diet Plan and Fitness Training Exercise Program

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‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin was born in Victoria, Texas, as Steve Anderson (he later changed his name to Steve Williams), on December 18, 1964, as the youngest of five children. He established a name for himself as a wrestler earning the nickname “Stone Cold” and although he’s long put his wrestling days behind him, exploring acting nowadays, he still manages to keep in tiptop shape. How does he do it?

The Ketogenic Diet Plan

Stone Cold Steve Austin follows an unusual type of diet plan. When asked to describe this diet plan, he had this to say

“Ketogenic diet plans is a diet plan on which you avoid carbs all week, feel like hell for four days, then load up every two hours on weekends.”

A cyclic ketogenic diet plan is a low-carbohydrate diet plan with intermittent periods of high or moderate carbohydrate consumption. When following a low carbohydrate diet plan, for the first few days, there is an adaptation period during which most people report feeling run-down or tired. The slightest exertion causes muscles to burn. People feel irritable, out of sorts, and unable to make decisions. For most people these feelings disappear after the adaptation period, however, and are replaced with feelings of calm and balance, consistent energy.
Not everyone is dedicated enough to wait long enough for the body to adjust to this diet plan, so the potential for burnout on a non-cyclic ketogenic diet plan (like Atkins) can be high. People crave carbohydrates during ketosis, for physiological reasons. During a hypocaloric ketogenic diet plan, this temptation becomes even stronger, as the carb cravings are combined with the usual hunger pangs that accompany reduced calories.
A CK diet plan offers a way to combat this. It offers a cyclical a carb-up wherein the individual under this diet plan will change their diet plan to comprise mostly complex carbohydrates, limiting dietary fats as well as sucrose and fructose. Since the glycogen stores in their liver and muscles are depleted, these carbohydrates go straight to refilling them, instead of being added to the body’s fat stores. For this reason, the amount of calories consumed during a refeed can be far above an individual’s maintenance intake.
The timing, duration and macronutrient composition of a refeed are crucial to the diet plan’s overall success and Stone Cold Steve Austin seems to have no trouble at all following such a diet plan. Although, as an avid beer drinker,  Austin has never maintained a huge focus on diets either.

Stone Cold’s Fitness Exercise Program

Stone Cold is an avid fan of squat exercises. In fact, when he can’t find time to do his fitness exercise program, he’ll just do a set of 40 squat fitness exercises with 265lbs. Obviously, this type of fitness training exercise program helped him build his muscular legs. In general, Stone Cold fitness exercise program is only 30-45 minutes in length. Steve Austin was the king of short fitness exercise programs. He doesn’t like to waste a lot of time in the gym. He’ll generally perform a weight lifting fitness training exercise routine and a little cardio exercise. The cardio exercise was really just to help with wrestling.
Stone Cold Steve Austin fitness exercise program involves fitness training splits across 4 days.  He works out Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  He keeps the fitness exercises short and does 6-8 reps of each fitness exercise.

Day 1
Squat exercises – 5 or 6 sets
Straight leg dead lift exercises – 2 sets
BB shrug exercises – 2 sets DB shrug exercises – 2 sets

Day 2
Bench Press exercises – 3 or 4 sets
Incline Bench Press exercises – 2 sets
Cardio exercises

Day 3
BB Rows – 2 sets
DB Rows – 2 sets
BB Shrugs – 2 sets
DB Shrugs – 2 sets
Cardio exercises

Day 4
BB Press – 2 sets
DB Press – 2 sets
Close Grip Bench Press – 2 sets
Cardio exercises