Russell Crowe’s Fitness program for Robin Hood

Russell Crowe’s Exercise Routine

Russell Crowe’s Fitness

Russell Crowe is not only known for his great acting ability but also for his ability to gain or lose weight for his specific roles.   Russell Crowe was recently chosen to play as Robin Hood in the upcoming movie Robin Hood to be shown in May 2010.  With that role Russell Crowe needed to lose weight, and shedding at least 50lbs is not that easy.   Russell Crowe had to do exercise and fitness trainings to reach that goal, so as to appear as how Robin Hood is physically perceived.
Before filming Russell Crowe did intense exercises like cycling, boxing, weights and yoga.  “When filming I exercise three hours a day on the weekends.” Russell Crowe said to Entertainment Tonight.

Fitness and Weight Loss Training


Russell Crowe starts out with exhausting fitness training and then Russell Crowe and his fitness trainer would go out for a 10-15 minute bike ride.  Biking is a very good exercise for weight loss, as it helps trim the waist, and it also develops the muscle tone in the legs and hips.  For a 130lb person, an hour of moderate biking burns anywhere between 450-500 calories.  Imagine how much weight loss you get in a 3-hour biking.  Biking is an exercise, fitness and weight loss program all in one.
Another great thing is, biking doesn’t only help you lose weight but it also helps decrease the risk of heart disease.  Since a lot of Americans are suffering from it, this exercise is very good in keeping the heart healthy and is a great weight loss answer for people who are suffering from obesity.  Russell Crowe made sure that even if he ate three orders of Tacos with a soda, his form of exercise will burn all the calories, while keeping his heart healthy and maintaining his fitness and weight loss.
For those who are located in areas where it’s hard to do outdoor biking, the same fitness and weight loss benefits will be acquired via a stationary bike.


The main benefits of boxing are weight loss and fitness.  Since you do repetitive movements, like punching and blocking, you don’t develop bulk muscles but you tone them.  Before, boxing has been thought to be an exercise for tough men, but now, it has become a fitness regime for everyone.  Men and women alike are now into this fitness training, because it helps them lose weight successfully.  It’s a great cardio exercise and also helps increase your metabolism.  This is why Russell Crowe had included boxing into his fitness routine.  Fitness trainers are now recommending boxing as fitness training to beginners, because it can be customized according to a person’s fitness level.   So you can get the most out of your fitness training.

Weight Training

Weight training doesn’t only help with weight loss program and fitness training but with health concerns as well.  It’s also a good exercise for those who are suffering from chronic health conditions.  This exercise helps boost the immune system and also promotes better sleep.  This fitness training also improves strength, balance and density.  When you gain strength, your whole body performs better and accurately.  That makes this exercise better not only for those who want to lose weight but also for those who are entering the old age.  Since weight loss through the decrease of calorie alone is not good because it decreases the bone mass.  So in order to have a successful weight loss, one must combine weight training and cutting of calories, because this way, you lose weight without affecting your bone density.
This fitness training is what Russell Crowe does in order to lose weight while maintaining his good health.  When he started filming he limits his exercises to three hours every weekend because of his busy schedule.  Since he started limiting his exercises, he wanted to continue his fitness training without leaving the set.  So the movie producers installed a state of the art exercise equipment in his motor home so he can go on with his fitness training when he’s not shooting.  This is how his fitness training is being done, which is why even at his age, he is still fit to become Robin Hood.

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