Rapper Nelly Reveals His Fitness Training Program

Rapper Nelly Reveals His Fitness DVD Series and Describes His Own Fitness Training Exercise Program

Nelly’s Unusual Fitness Training Exercise

Hip-hop star Nelly has been a successful rapper for nearly 20 years, first with his group St Lunatics and as a solo artist with huge hits including Dilemma and the global smash Hot In Here. But the three-time Grammy winner’s achievements aren’t restricted to music, since his breakthrough in 2000 with Country Grammar Nelly has also started his own clothing line, launched a charity that raises awareness of leukaemia, bought a minority stake in the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats, and put on nearly 14kg of hard muscle.

And he is also active keeps busy outside by caring about the health of American youth and adults. He’s even become a part of the newly created fitness exercise program DVD series called Celebrity Sweat, a program designed to take a firsthand look at the fitness training exercise programs of various celebrities.

Nelly is the first celebrity to make a Celebrity Sweat V01 video, in which he shows off his favorite moves for sculpting his triceps and chest. “Basically, you’ll see various clips of my actual fitness training exercise program and my favorite exercises with a fitness trainer, and we’ll show you ways to incorporate it into the things that you could do,” he explains.


Nelly hopes that this fitness training exercise program video will be an inspiration to American youth to become active in the gym as well rather than being couch potatoes in front of the computer and television.

“Oh, man! The issue with obesity, especially with children, is incredible! I really can’t believe it! To know that there are kids out here that get less than a mile of physical activity is crazy to me! When I was a kid, I probably got ten miles in a day! Runnin’ up and down the f**kin’ block!” he exclaims.


Recalling that when he was a child he got a lot of physical exercise naturally just by playing outside, Nelly encourages kids to do more of that as well–starting as soon as they get home from school.

So what exactly is Nelly’s fitness training exercise program like?  “In the gym, I try to do everything I can, he says. I isolate, I use exercise equipment such as cables, I use fitness machines such as the Smith and I do bench exercises.”

When his hectic schedule allows, Nelly, born Cornell Haynes in 1974 does lifting exercises five days a week. “If I’m busy, I get in two or three days of fitness training exercise just to maintain. Timing is never an issue. If I’m recording, I’m in the studio until six or seven in the morning, he says. Then you go home, get some sleep, get to the gym anywhere from 9pm to midnight. Sometimes later.”

For cardio exercise, Nelly focuses on his love of sports.

“I don’t use the treadmill exercise equipment”, he says. “I did try a cycling class fitness exercise program but a 55-year-old lady kicked my ass and I was done.”

Mostly he plays basketball as a fitness exercise program. “It gives me everything”, he says talking about his cardio exercise. “I get the agility, the stretching, the stop and go, the jumping. If you play full court, you’re getting the sprinting in, too.”

The Nelly Fitness Training Exercise Program  

Nelly exercises his chest hard with pyramid fitness training, lowering reps and adding weight to keep his body guessing

Fitness Exercise Move #1: Incline dumb-bell press
Sets 4 Reps 15/12/8/6

Fitness Exercise Move #2: Flat Smith machine bench press
Sets 4 Reps 15/12/8/6

Fitness Exercise Move #3: Dumb-bell pullover
Sets 3 Reps 15/12/8/6

Fitness Exercise Move #4: Cable crossover
Sets 3 Reps 10 high/10 middle/10 low (no rest)

A Look at Nelly’s Diet Plan

Nelly’s diet plan is just as straightforward. “I used to be a vegetarian but now I eat chicken and I eat turkey. I’m not a great cook, but I do it well enough not to starve.”

His favourite muscle-building meal? “My speciality is probably turkey burgers. They’re the best, Swiss and American cheese, lettuce, Thousand Island dressing.”

Thanks to good genetics and all that dedication, the only time he had to change his diet plan was after landing a role in the 2005 movie The Longest Yard, for which he needed to bulk up to convince as an American footballer. “They wanted me to play a running back and I looked like the water boy, he says with a smile. I thought it was best to look the part.”


Celebrity Sweat V01


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