Mark Walhberg Talks about the Right Body Building Diet Plan and His Fitness Exercise Program

Get Fit With Mark Walhberg

Celebrity Mark Walhberg’s Fitness

He started out as a rapper known as Marky Mark back in the early 90s but even then Mark Walhberg now one of Hollywood’s hunky daddies and recognized actor, has been sporting a great body that a lot of guys out there aspire to have. Because of his ripped abs and well defined muscles in all the right places, he even landed a modeling gig with Calvin Klein underwear making ladies swoon everywhere. How did Mark Wahlberg get this kind of body? What kind of diet plan and fitness exercise program did Mark Wahlberg have to follow to achieve it? Read on to find out.

Mark Walhberg’s Body Building Diet Plan

Would you like to achieve a body like Mark Walhberg? Well, a good diet plan is the place where you should begin. Mark Wahlberg actually follows a very strict diet plan since this is a very important factor for muscle growth. For starters, Mark Wahlberg avoids eating carbs after six p.m. The ideal and the best diet plan should contain high protein levels and very less fat. Why should you go for this kind of diet plan that is called a bodybuilding diet plan? Because this type of diet plan helps to grow muscle mass and also supports the body as it begins to move through the changes of muscle building.
The main focus of a bodybuilding diet plan is to help build muscle mass while taking away fat that is currently being stored in the body.  Most likely, the fat will turn into muscle as you continue to build; however, you will want to balance this out with your needs to get the best results for building bulk.  Mark Wahlberg’s diet plan involves eating larger amounts of carbohydrates as well aside from proteins and fats. If you want to achieve a ripped body like Mark, then follow the recommended diet plan of eating an average of five or six meals per day to help your muscles burn more energy. Combining in large amounts of pro bread, eggs and meat can help you to get more support for your body. You will also want to add in one setting of fruits or vegetables to help balance your diet plan, something that the hunky actor clearly understands.

Mark’s Body Building Fitness Exercise Program

The actor started out with his fitness exercise program after Mark Wahlberg got out of prison. Mark Wahlberg used the gym as a surrogate parole officer and he has been sticking to his fitness exercise program until now which clearly shows in his still ripped body. Mark Wahlberg hits the iron hard but in the simplest way – he does his fitness exercises for only 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Mark Wahlberg picks two or three body parts to focus his fitness exercise routine on and he works hard and fast. He doesn’t exercise his abs. He also doesn’t do any fancy, faddy fitness exercise program. In fact, Mark Wahlberg confesses that he hates cardio exercises. “Running on a treadmill exercise equipment? I’d rather watch a chicken roast.” Mark Wahlberg fitness exercise program changes only when work requires him to do so such as when he was filiming Four Brothers when his role was a hockey player. He played hockey 2 hours a day for months. “Can’t get a better fitness training than that.”
Unlike most Hollywood actors, Mark Wahlberg doesn’t believe in having a fitness trainer to help him in his fitness exercise program. So what kind of fitness exercises does Mark Wahlberg actually do? Weight training exercises is da bomb. Mark Wahlberg realized this early on and he hasn’t looked back ever since. Why weight training exercises? Because this kind of fitness exercise makes you lose fat, build muscle, tone up and get ripped.  This former New Kids on the Block member recommends lifting weights as a fitness training exercise five times a week. As you move into this routine, you will want to target three main muscle groups per day.  This easy to implement routine can then leading into stronger muscles and isolated bulk that can build at a faster pace.
Mark Walhberg is proof that we shouldn’t stereotype boy band members because of these guys can be pretty bad ass.