Mark Wahlberg Fitness Program For The Fighter

Mark Wahlberg Reveals His Fitness Training Exercise Program for The Fighter

Mark Wahlberg Fitness Training Exercise

Actor Mark Wahlberg has been breaking hearts ever since he broke into the scene with his hit 1991 single Good Vibrations, and he continues to leave a trail of them hearts as he made the big jump into movie-acting with roles in blockbuster hits such as Boogie Nights, The Perfect Storm, Planet of the Apes, Four Brothers, The Departed, Invincible, and The Fighter. Aside from his ruggedly handsome looks, he has something many men strive for– obsess over, even– a legendary abdomen hard work and discipline brought him.

“Even when I was young, I had to be in the best shape possible.” He says, recalling his former life as a bad boy in prison. “And when I got out of prison, instead of hanging out in the corner, I’d got to the gym to do fitness training exercise program. It’s time better spent.”

And for his new movie, “The Fighter” star Mark Wahlberg put more than just acting into his workout-king, boxer role for the movie based on real-life fighter Micky Ward. Not only did he have Ward on set every day, Wahlberg moved the famous boxer into his home and endured four years of boxing as a fitness training exercise program to get ripped and ready for filming.


Boxing is the Ultimate Fitness Training Exercise Program

While he may have just played the role of a boxer, the 39-year-old Wahlberg was in shape enough to be one. Wahlberg installed a massive boxing gym in his home so that he could do his fitness training exercise program intensely for four years while watching his diet plan and limiting his play on the social scene.

“I’m not as good a fitness trainer as I am a student,” Wahlberg said of his fitness training exercise for his role as ‘Micky’. “But boxing really is the ultimate fitness training exercise program. I’m moving, I’m alert. Afterward I feel amazing.”


Fighter Fitness Training Exercise Program Lasted Three Hours

“I would leave three hours early for work and go to the gym and spend three hours there for my fitness training exercise program. I would bring the fitness trainers with me on the every movie that I did,” he says, speaking of his fitness training exercise program for ‘The Fighter’ even while on-set for other films. “There were certainly times where I would wake up at 4:30 in the morning, you know, my fitness trainer would ring the bell, and, ‘Oh God,’ I’m like, ‘I better get this movie made.’ ”


Mark Wahlberg Did His Fitness Training Exercise Program From the Pros

Professional boxing prep came from all-star greats like boxing fitness trainer Freddie Roach, to simulate Ward’s real-time boxing style and Manny Pacquiao. He said he “wanted to look like a Manny Pacquiao-caliber fighter” and “didn’t want to look like another actor who’s doing an okay job.”

Mark Wahlberg’s Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan   

Having abs like his is no easy feat to achieve. A good fitness training exercise program should be involved together with a healthy weight loss diet plan. Mark’s healthy weight loss diet plan adheres to the principles of the low carbohydrate weight loss diet plan. He follows this diet plan strictly, and doesn’t consume any carbohydrates past 6 pm.

The low carbohydrate weight loss diet plan allows the intake of meats, cheeses, fats, and certain green leafy vegetables as long as the carbohydrate intake is kept in minimal amounts.

At the same time, Mark Wahlberg’s weight loss diet plan doesn’t allow the intake of sugar, white flour, and starchy vegetables. Mark is able to lose weight with such a diet plan as long as he adheres to the allowable foods stated by his.

But after going on a strict weight loss diet plan and fitness training exercise program to prepare for his role in The Fighter, Mark Wahlberg has had enough. To mark the end of his four year weight loss diet plan, Mark went on a cookie binge.


Mark immediately began eating cookies and just about everything else he can since he no longer has to play the role of fighter Micky Ward. “I just became obsessed with chocolate-chip cookies and stuff that I never really had any interest in eating [before],” says the 39-year-old.


That is, he was eating quite a bit of unhealthy junk food until his wife, Rhea Durham, got involved and kindly reminded him that he was no longer taking care of himself properly.


She said, ‘You might as well take care of yourself,’ but I needed a break from my weight loss diet plan,” he admits. “Certainly four and a half years was very draining. I needed that time off, and now I need to get back in there.”


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