Mario Lopez Celebrity Diet, Workout Tips Revealed!

Mario Lopez Celebrity Diet, and Workout Tips Revealed! Even as a teenager staring in “Saved By The Bell”, Mario Lopez was in a shape to die for. Matured now, he still finds working out fun and relaxing, and he gets his kicks out of staying fit, pushing everyone to take his example. Mario says he does it mostly for the way he feels after exercising, and he might just have a point. Want to know Mario’s Body Building Secrets?  Check them out below!


Mario isn’t crazy about his diet and doesn’t look out to get the best diet program. He doesn’t count calories, or fat grams or check with diet websites before buying a meal.  Mario grazes all day and eats healthy, but he loves to eat, and splurges when he wants and doesn’t mention any weight loss dietary supplement.   “I love to eat and I feel I can get away with a lot more if I train hard. I never needed serious weight loss. Plus, I love the way it makes me feel. I walk out of the gym and I feel Zen like. Nothing feels like it can bother me.” I guess that is the point guys, if we eat in moderation and exercise, then there is no weight problem that we need to worry about and no diets that we need to master just to look good!

A Typical Menu for Mario

Fruit, Yogurt and Granola.

Chicken and Rice.



Rocky-road ice cream or Chocolate-chip cookies.

“I was a chubby baby. I looked like a sumo wrestler. My mom had to pull the folds apart when she bathed me!”


Mario admits that he is addicted to exercising and that’s why he is surely a source of great weight loss tips for men. “I never feel awake unless I’m sweating.”  To stay in shape Mario likes to do several forms of exercise; which is a great things to do by the way; because your body doesn’t get used to the activity, and you burn more calories.  Mario bikes, runs, swims, does yoga, plays basketball, does weight training, uses exercise equipment regularly, and boxes three times a week.

“I like to mix it up because I don’t want to get bored.  You keep your muscles guessing, and you stay motivated. This is one of the most effective weight loss programs.”


“I spar all the time. Freddie Roach [the gym’s owner] has what he calls smokers. They’re like amateur bouts. I pretty much fight guys who are trying to make it in boxing.”  “I’ve fought in six smokers and haven’t lost yet.”  “I’ve sparred with [Oscar] De La Hoya, James Toney, Shane Mosley. Oscar is a friend of mine. He wrote the foreword to my book, Mario Lopez’s Knockout Fitness.”

Mario Lopez’s Knockout Fitness Book

“It’s not a get-in-shape-quick scheme. I’m going to tell you the truth. Getting in shape is hard work, but it can also be fun work. I give readers a lot of options, a lot of very cool programs. I’ve also included great nutritional information. It took me a year to get the book where I wanted it.”

Why Mario Prefers Individual Sports

“When you are on your own, without a time to back you up, your flaws and strengths will come out. You can’t get more vulnerable than that. You could lose more easily, in which case you’ll have only yourself to blame, but could just as easily win, and all the glory is yours to enjoy.”


“I like healthy, curvy women. Women who look like women, not girls.

Mario Works Out with Ellen