Kevin Kearns, MMA trainer and Fitness Expert!

Train Like an Elite MMA Fighter with Kevin Kearns

Kevin Kearns’s Fitness Techniques

What does it take to become an MMA fitness trainer?  Kevin Kearns, a black belt at 13 and now a successful fitness trainer, established his own company and created his own fitness training and exercise programs using all the knowledge that he had learned from school.  He is also the person behind the success and fitness trainings of MMA fighters like Kenny Florian, Marcus Davis, Jorge Gurgel and Alberto Crane.
His first fitness career started at Boston Athletic Club after he got his degree from the University.  His personal fitness training career took off after he set up and supervised his own Fitness Connection Gym and exercise center in Brookline Massachusetts in 1990, and a new company Be Physically Fit in 2006.

Fitness Training Programs

His customized fitness programs are made for our fitness level, personal target or goal and lifestyle.  He applies Functional Movement Screens which help distinguish the most effective fitness trainings and exercises that provide movement pattern. His fitness training program includes:
–    Effective and Safe Weight Loss
–    Exercises for Lean Muscle Increase
–    Muscle Endurance and Cardiovascular trainings and exercises
–    Trainings and exercises for event / sport
–    Core Strength Exercises
–    Lifestyle and Functioning Exercise
–    Flexibility Training
–    Exercises and Training programs for home or travel
–    Self Defense training programs and exercises

Exercise Programs and Benefits

5Here are some of Kevin Kearns’ Exercise programs that are tailor-made for his MMA Fighters to improve their physical, emotional skills and endurance.
–    “Bosu Sprawl” – a great exercise with the help of Bosu ball to work on the sprawl of fighters.
–    “Ground and Pound” – a perfect exercise using exercise ball to imitate the same motion to ground and pound the opponent.
–    “Foam Roller Therapy” – the best way to decrease and possibly avoid back pain using a simple exercise and foam roller.  This type of exercise is known as self massage.
–    “Gas in the Tank” – an exercise that requires great physical, mental and emotional effort.  Fighters were trained at a higher altitude location like in Colorado Springs – 5000+ ft. above the sea level.  Higher Altitude place is one of the reasons that our body might have difficulties bringing adequate oxygen into blood stream and send to working muscles (Hypoxia).

“The name came about when I first conceived of the “gas in the tank” program for sports specific training for MMA. The idea behind the program is to mimic what goes on in a fight, including the pace. It’s a hard fast training program that is designed to make the fighters cry in training so they laugh in battle.” Kevin said to when asked why he was called Dr. Evil by KenFlo.
Kevin is known to be one of the best fitness trainers, because he doesn’t only focus on fitness and diet but most of all on stamina.  He knows that fighters need to exercise their endurance in every fight and he knows that fitness with the right diet will help them reach for the belt.  Every success achieved by these fighters, through the exercise and fitness training that he gave them, is like his own success.  Most of all, he doesn’t only help fighters with their exercise program, fitness training and diet, but same goes to those people who want to lose weight.  He also helps regular people exercise their endurance, have their own fitness and exercise training, with the right diet plan without ever setting foot on the cage.

Diet Plan for MMA Fighters

For fighters, there are lots of misinformation in the octagon about the best weight loss program for fitness training and fights.  The diet plan that they are using now is not a diet, but a lifestyle.  Kevin’s diet plan for his fighters has an even quantity of protein and carbohydrates with low percent of fats.  The ratio used for their diet plan is 40% of carbohydrates, 20% fats and 40% of protein.  Water is very necessary for the fighters before, during and after fitness training and/or exercise program.