Keanu Reeves’ on Speed

Keanu Reeves Diet and Exercise
Keanu Reeves Celebrity Diet and Workout. At 6 foot 1 the “Matrix” hero has never looked skinny or unfit and that’s because he knows the secret to a great routine. Want to know what his body sculpting secrets are? Check them out below.


Keanu Reeves uses Portion Control diet pogram and eats a very balanced  low carb diet. He is not on any specific diet food but does eat lots of chicken, pasta, rice and vegetables. Eating three good meals a day, in small portions with the occasional beer and wine, these are his diet tips.


For the movie “Speed” Keanu worked with an Olympic gymnastic trainer and alternated weight training with aerobics. He play a lot of basketball and ice-hockey, uses the exercise ball, and even did some ball room dancing and horse back riding.


“I can’t say I don’t pay attention to my diet, but I like to treat myself with lots of chicken, pasta, rice and vegetables. I eat three good meals a day, but small portions. And I can’t say I mind a a beer or some wine every now and then.” (Quote Source: Here)