Jason Momoa Workout Routines for Conan the Barbarian

Jason Momoa’s Exercise Programs

Jason Momoa is the star in Conan the Barbarian movie, taking on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legendary role. Prior to scoring the Conan role, Jason Momoa was best known for his role as Jason Ioane on Baywatch Hawaii and Ronon Dex in Stargate Atlantis. Momoa has always been in great shape, winning Hawaii’s Model of the Year award in 1999.But he really ramped up his fitness training exercise program for Conan to develop a true warrior look.

At 6’4, 215lbs, Jason Momoa certainly has the Conan the barbarian body. While Arnold’s portrayal of Conan involved a bigger, more powerful look, Jason Momoa’s body is highly muscular but lean enough so that he looks like he can move like a warrior. This is a role focused on both strength and stamina and Momoa should be able to display both. Because Jason Momoa wanted to build a functional, yet intimidating body, he began his fitness training exercise program with stunt coordinator David Leitch (Bourne Ultimatum) and Chad Stahelski (The Matrix). His fitness exercise goal was to gain 10lbs of lean muscle.

Generally speaking, gaining 10lbs of muscle is a pretty difficult fitness exercise goal to achieve. However, Jason Momoa was able to accomplish this through a challenging fitness training exercise program routine. He trained in martial arts to help improve his fighting ability while not losing any agility. He did a lot of sword fighting in practice for the role. All in all, his fitness training exercise program totalled 6 hours per day for 6 straight weeks. It’s likely that along with combat fitness training, he focused on low rep, heavy weight training to develop lean, defined muscles.
The nephew of famed surfers Brian and Rusty Keaulana, Momoa grew up with a sweaty appreciation for the outdoors. “I still love surfing, rock climbing and skateboarding,” says Momoa. He credits frequent mountaineering and climbing excursions to Joshua Tree National Park for keeping him fit pre-Conan. “And, to be fair, I did tons of pull up exercises as well as push up exercises to stay fit for the rocks,” says Momoa. But dedicated strength fitness training exercise was new to him.

“That was the greatest obstacle we faced when it came to his fitness training exercise program,” says Momoa’s fitness trainer, Eric Laciste.

His fitness training exercise programs began at five in the morning with two hours of sword work. “For my diet plan, I’d eat a chicken breast, and hit the weights for one to two hours.” Then it was another chicken breast (and maybe some peanut butter in his diet plan if he needed the energy) before diving into two hours of cardio exercise. “We did that fitness training exercise program for six days a week. My fitness exercise program was hardcore and I would push myself to the absolute limit so that I could cheat a little at the end of the day.” His favorite cheat? Beer – Saison Dupont.
But like a true actor, Momoa must adapt his body to the physical demands of each role. “Next, I’m heading to South Africa for a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max type of movie,” says Momoa, adding that this time, he’ll need to lose weight – 25 pounds of weight loss to be exact. “That will likely mean my weight loss diet plan will consist of eating more fish and vegetables, less red meat. As for his fitness training exercise program? It’ll mean swapping some weight fitness exercise programs for cardio exercise.

Fitness Trainer Eric Laciste’s Workout Routine Tips

Want a body like Jason Momoa aka Conan the Barbarian? Follow these fitness exercise tips from Momoa’s fitness trainer. But be warned – this fitness training intense.
Start your fitness training exercise program with Series A, using light weights. The idea is to choose a load that will allow you to complete the following 7-6-5 progression for each exercise. First do seven sets of seven reps of the squat exercise with seven seconds rest between sets. Rest one minute and then do six sets of six squats with six seconds rest followed by five sets of five squats exercise with five seconds rest. Once you’ve finished the entire 7-6-5 progressions, rest one minute, and then repeat with exercises two and three.

“Structuring the fitness exercise program this way also makes it cardio intensive, increasing calorie burn,” says fitness trainer, Laciste, adding that it should take you about half an hour. Momoa did two to three of these 30-minute series throughout the day while training for Conan the Barbarian. If you have the time and the energy, continue on to Series B to complete a total body fitness exercise program.

Jump Squat

Medicine Ball Slam
Kettlebell Swing