Criss Angel’s Amazing Body is NOT an Illusion!

Criss Angel’s Fitness Is Not Magic

Criss Angel’s Fitness Routine got a chance to interview the grand illusionist, Criss Angel who has blown people’s minds with his great magical illusions. The magician who has been dubbed the post modern Houdini says doing what he does takes a lot of discipline specially in terms of having a fitness exercise training program to follow. After all, getting run over by a steamroller while lying on a pile of broken glass is no easy feat! On his fitness exercise routine, Angel says that it’s all about the whole package: mind, body and spirit. When he’s doing his fitness exercise workouts, he visualizes what he wants to look like. He mentally sees his muscle grow.

Aside from having a successful show on A&E: Criss Angel: Mind Freak, the magician is also set to star in a new Cirque du Soleil production at the Las Vegas’ Luxor Resort and Casino. It’ll be the sixth Vegas-based company of the famed French-Canadian circus, but the first to be built around a single headliner, which is reflected in the show’s title: “Criss Angel’s Believe.” The Cirque du Criss will have Angel performing at the Luxor for 10 years – 10 live shows a week, 46 weeks a year and he needs a good diet plan and a great fitness exercise training program to get in shape for it.

Criss Angel Reveals His Fitness Exercise Training Program

Criss-Angel-ae37Criss says he does fitness training exercises six days a week for two-hours a session. Unlike the belief that magicians are pasty, lonely kids fiddling about with hats and rabbits, Angel says he’s already started with his fitness training by playing sports such as baseball and football when he was six years old. Coming from a big Greek family, he and his brothers were kept all busy by their dad to stay out of trouble. He also got his fitness workout studying martial arts and boxing.

Until now, Angel has managed to stay in shape mostly without a fitness trainer’s help. This admired illusionist also confesses to including aerobics exercises in his fitness exercise training program. He does 30-45 minutes a day of cardio exercises which he will take out once he starts performing. “I’ll be doing what amounts to 90 minutes of cardio exercise onstage twice a day,” says Criss.

Although meditation exercises are important in what he does – being underwater for 24 hours or hanging from a helicopter with the body suspended by fishhooks, Angel says he doesn’t practice yoga or pilates exercises for meditation. He relies on what he calls “my own innate meditative state.”

For Angel, it is hardest to practice fitness and do exercise when he’s on the road. Some of the hotels he’s stayed in don’t have fitness machines and exercise equipments – not even free weights. So he improvises by doing calisthenics exercises between two chairs, does sit-up exercises with his feet hooked under the bed, push ups and crunch exercises – whatever time would allow him to do. The Vegas climate isn’t exactly conducive to outdoor exercises also so the Luxor, where he’s currently staying had built him a gym. Now he does his running exercises indoors!

The Great Magician’s Diet Plan

Angel’s diet plan is a classic high – protein, low-carb plan without a lot of measuring or fuss, heavy on lean meats like chicken and turkey. “If I’m going to eat nuts, I’ll pick something healthy like almonds. I love soda, but I don’t drink it, so I drink a lot of carbonated water instead. Once a week I eat whatever I want.”

And what about diet supplements? Well, Angel’s approach to this is equally simple. He says that in the past, he took in a lot of diet supplements – whey protein, creatine, fat burners but the wear and tear on his muscles and joints gave him injuries. He stopped including these diet supplements in his diet plan after blowing out his shoulder during a series of bench press exercises.  Now, his diet supplement’s nothing more than a multivitamin with some extra C.