Bruce Willis Is In Great Shape

Bruce Willis’s Fitness Routine

Bruce Willis’s Exercise

If I could name one Hollywood superstar in no need of any introduction for the last 20 years, it has to be Bruce Willis. After doing 4 action-pumped movies named “Die Hard”, the last of which came on the big screen two years ago, the funny yet though looking actor keeps it as fresh as ever staring in a new action role this year, “The Surrogates”. Keep reading to find out useful pointers on how this aging actor keeps himself in shape!

Bruce Willis on Dieting

Bruce Willis has been dieting for nude sex scenes using old celebrity weight loss tricks. The Hollywood actor wants to look perfect when he bares-all on the big screen. Bruce said: “I have a few naked scenes so I want to look good. But I am not going to be a size zero.” So there he went, according to, embarked on a gruelling training regime to turn his middle-aged spread into a buff body. Miracle diet or the latest burn the fat diet? That remains to be seen.

Bruce Willis’s Fitness

There is no one fitness rule for the aging actor staring in an action movie, said celebrity fitness trainer Ricardo Macedo for, other than the fact that it’s going to be grueling. “With these men, because of their age, their metabolism has slowed down, they’ve put on weight and their body fat percentage has increased. You should hear some weight loss testimonials from these guys,” he says. “So, they have to do a lot more training in the gym than the younger guys and I don’t mean doing face exercises. Past a certain age you can’t find any simple ways to lose weight.”

It all depends, of course, on the shape of the actor, and what “look” he’s going for on screen, Macedo continues. “Someone like Bruce Willis needs to do more cardio exercise work, just for general fitness and reduced body fat.”

The biggest fitness myth facing our stars, says Macedo, is that they have to work only on the body parts (say doing exercise programs for abs) that’ll be exposed on camera. “Unfortunately, to have a six-pack you need a very low fat percentage,” he says”. In order to achieve that, you need a full workout including even back exercise machines.”

Gunnar Peterson, celebrity workout trainer, knows all this too well, as he has been helping Bruce Willis with his training recently giving him exercise advice, and declared to “you don’t see many in his age bracket knocking it out at the gym with his dedication. He does hour-long cardio exercise and strength sessions nearly every day for three months before filming. On set he works out during lunch. He is constantly on the exercise ball.”

Peterson was impressed: “His thing is being able to do what the role requires.” Though you might guess that once stars hear “that’s a wrap,” they exhale and head for the sofa, Peterson says Willis kept up his routine. “What if the director decides to reshoot?” Eventually, Bruce Willis may let himself go a little from the exercise ball routines. “It’s not natural to stay completely shredded year-round.”