Jason Momoa Workout Routines for Conan the Barbarian

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Jason Momoa’s Exercise Programs Jason Momoa is the star in Conan the Barbarian movie, taking on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legendary role. Prior to scoring the Conan role, Jason Momoa was best known for his role as Jason Ioane on Baywatch Hawaii and Ronon Dex in Stargate Atlantis. Momoa has always been in great shape, winning Hawaii’s Model of the Year award in 1999.But he really ramped up his fitness training exercise program for Conan to develop a true warrior look. At 6’4, 215lbs, Jason Momoa certainly has the Conan the barbarian body. While Arnold’s portrayal of Conan involved a bigger, more […]

Losing Weight with Entourage Star Jerry Ferrara

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Jerry Ferrara Celebrity Lose Weight Secrets As “Entourage” wound down, Jerry Ferrara got more attention than ever. His character, Turtle, is a departure from his coiffed and polished co-stars, but he is certainly beloved. Jerry Ferrara has gone through a serious transformation and now he’s talking about his losing weight journey. While some actors are required to have a weight loss diet plan and fitness training exercise program to keep in tip top shape, this is not the case for Jerry Ferrara. His character Turtle has always been known for being quite chubby so he was never required or asked […]

Celebrity Diet, Workout, and Weight Loss Tips from Hugh Jackman


Hugh Jackman shares his celebrity workout routine with us! Do you want to know how Hugh Jackman got a fighter body for Real Steel? Hugh Jackman, the sexiest man alive according to many, has emerged in the last few years as an action hero. His movies have vast appeal to both men and women. Apart from the fact that he his hot, he also has been able to transform his body in a way that looks amazing. His 6’2″, 200 pound frame is imposing enough without him building muscle. His whole life Hugh Jackman has been a fit guy. Since […]

Plyometric Fitness Training is a Secret Training Method that many Celebrities & Athletes Use!


Plyometric Fitness Training Why so Many Celebrities Incorporate Plyometric Training in their Exercise Routine? Recently you hear many celebrities and athletes talk about Plyometric training. So what is Plyometric training? Plyometric fitness training is an exercise program of explosive movements designed to develop greater muscular power. Specific exercises that involve any kind of jumping, skipping, hopping or leaping movement can be categorized as plyometric fitness training. Plyometric fitness training is designed to increase your reactive strength and is a great way to connect force and explosive power. It rapidly builds speed and power, the more reactive strength you have, the […]

Rafael Nadal Tennis Superstar with a Superstar Body


Rafael Nadal is an Elite Athlete. Get His Fitness Secrets! Rafael Nadal’s Fitness Routiness When we think of Tennis, the first name that pop in our mind is Rafael Nadal.  Not only because he is great in sports but also, he is famous for his physique and people often wonder, “What kind of fitness and exercise training he does to have that amazing body.”   Well, he must have the best fitness training and exercise.  Okay, it may not be the best, but it sure works. Born in June 3, 1986, this Tennis icon from Spain took the world by storm […]

Kevin Kearns, MMA trainer and Fitness Expert!


Train Like an Elite MMA Fighter with Kevin Kearns Kevin Kearns’s Fitness Techniques What does it take to become an MMA fitness trainer?  Kevin Kearns, a black belt at 13 and now a successful fitness trainer, established his own company and created his own fitness training and exercise programs using all the knowledge that he had learned from school.  He is also the person behind the success and fitness trainings of MMA fighters like Kenny Florian, Marcus Davis, Jorge Gurgel and Alberto Crane. His first fitness career started at Boston Athletic Club after he got his degree from the University.  […]

The low-down on MMA Fighters Fitness Training Exercise


What Does it Take to be MMA Fit? Fitness Routines of MMA Fighters Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is one of the toughest sports around. To be an MMA fighter, one must be at the peak of his fitness level and have all around strength, agility and skill in order to be competitive in the sport. MMA fighters need to be a combination of strong and well conditioned athletes. Strength ability to be able to explode at any movement and a conditioning ability to last during the rounds are two of the most important abilities that a fighter must possess. […]

Criss Angel’s Amazing Body is NOT an Illusion!

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Criss Angel’s Fitness Is Not Magic Criss Angel’s Fitness Routine Muscleandbodymag.com got a chance to interview the grand illusionist, Criss Angel who has blown people’s minds with his great magical illusions. The magician who has been dubbed the post modern Houdini says doing what he does takes a lot of discipline specially in terms of having a fitness exercise training program to follow. After all, getting run over by a steamroller while lying on a pile of broken glass is no easy feat! On his fitness exercise routine, Angel says that it’s all about the whole package: mind, body and […]

Tom Brady Spills His Formula for the Best Athlete’s Diet and Fitness Exercise Training Program!


Tom Brady’s Fitness Routines Tom Brady’s Exercise Secrets All time great quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots spills the beans on his formula for an athlete’s best diet plan and fitness exercise training program during his interview with bodybuilding.com. For an athlete who already has three Superbowl wins on his belt, Tom understands that fitness is a top priority if he wants to continuously lead his team to further wins. In fact, he praises his team for having a great fitness training staff to help him in his fitness exercise sessions. Tom Brady’s Exercise Program So what kind […]

UFC’s star Kenny Florian shares his training routine with us!


Kenny Florian Is an MMA Champion. See How He trains! Kenny Florian’s Fitness Routine Most of us have watched the UFC gladiators give it all they have for three rounds. Each round lasts five minutes! You have to be an amazing shape to be able to fight in the UFC! Most of us have wondered about the training, exercise and diet program that these elite athletes put themselves thru! Kenneth Alan Florian (born May 26, 1976 in Westwood, Massachusetts) is a Peruvian American mixed martial artist with a background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. He is best known for […]