Antonio Sabato Jr. Weight Loss Tips

Antonio Sabato Jr. Wins Circus of the Stars; Talks Fitness Training Exercise Program

Antonio Sabato Jr. Fitness Training Program

TV heartthrob Antonio Sabato Jr. joined NBC’s Celebrity Circus after years of stripping down to his skivvies for billboards, magazine ads, TV cameras and having a legion of suds-loving housewives. He developed an intense high wire fitness training exercise program with a gymnastic twist.

Antonio and His Fitness Training

But was his fitness training exercise program the real deal? Well if you ask the perennially shirtless soap hunk and former underwear model will tell you, his high-wire reality TV tricks were the real deal. He not only flew with apparent ease on the flying trapeze as part of his fitness exercise program, he also nimbly traversed the Wheel of Death and expertly employed his rock-solid arms and abs to perform gravity-defying stunts while leaping from one Chinese pole to another, things he couldn’t have done without a solid fitness training exercise program.

In the end of the summer series, the viewers voted him to “Celebrity Circus” victory and the long time fitness buff made off with a miniature trophy and a major interest in a new kind of fitness training exercise program – a core-building fitness exercise program.

The dashing daredevil now in corporate rope climbing, ring flipping and other gymnastics feats in his fitness exercise program that already includes kickboxing, cross-training and occasional weight lifting, even go-cart racing and skydiving.

Sabato Jr. said this new kind of fitness exercise program revitalized his lifelong dedication to fitness.

In his interview with Muscle & Body, Sabato Jr. described the gruelling fitness training challenges he had to face such as pole climbing using only his upper body strength. Antonio said that fitness training challenge was extremely hard and tough on his back and abs.

“I had small injuries – sprains, muscle aches though having a fitness training exercise program helped me not go through broken bones and other serious injuries like other people did. Being flexible helped with the whole experience and worked and focused on each apparatus one at a time.”

Sabato Jr. said that unless you’re doing gymnastics or fitness exercise activities like that, you really can’t use it as part of his fitness training exercise program. “Once you work on it, and you get the technical aspect of this fitness training exercise program, you’ll find it a bit easier. But we only had two months to do that fitness training exercise an it wasn’t really enough.”

Luckily, Antonio had gymnastics background when he was a kid so Celebrity Circus greatly helped and influenced his current fitness exercise program. “Gymnastics is amazing. You’re using your own body strength and muscles you’d never use,” Antonio said of his fitness training exercise program.

Sabato Jr. has actually been exposed to fitness training exercise programs since he was young. “When I was younger, I went from gymnastics to judo and then boxing and kickboxing. I’ve been doing fitness training exercises at Elite MMA in Thousand Oaks, [Calif.], for about nine years. I’ve been going to gyms, too, but gymnastics is different, and I love it. I have a great fitness trainer named Tristan, and he pushes me really hard.”

Antonio said that thanks to Celebrity Circus, his fitness training exercise program is now more varied than ever. “I do gymnastics three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then I take my daughter to school and then I do an hour of intense cross-training exercise at the gymnasium. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do a lot of sparring exercises in the cage down at Elite MMA and then sometimes, I go to Gold’s and do my fitness training exercises with weights.”

Now that he’s in his mid-30s, Antonio says that staying lean is the biggest focus of his fitness training exercise program which has become more technical, more about endurance.

“I’m pushing myself more than ever because it’s tougher to stay in shape as you get older. But I enjoy it more and I make it part of my life to mix up my fitness training exercise program. I do go-cart racing, lot of laps, and that exercises your lower back. And I go skydiving and I do cardio exercise by running a lot uphill and downhill when I’m on location. I’m also really open to cross-training. I do a lot sit up exercises, a lot of lower back exercises and a lot of push up exercises.”

Doing fitness training exercise program has always been a release. It helps me relieve stress, it gives me an opportunity to go somewhere else and not think about responsibilities. So for me, gyms are a great place to go to get away.”

Antonio Describes His Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

In terms of how he stays true to keeping a healthy weight loss diet plan with Italian cuisine, Antonio had these weight loss tips to say:

Leave the carbohydrates from your weight loss diet plan to earlier in the day, no later than midday. Don’t eat pasta and other carbs in the afternoon and evening. You want to go to sleep having some protein in your body. Overall, you just want to eat more food during the day and less during the night.”

Keeping a healthy weight loss diet plan according to Antonio is a matter of balancing things out and not pushing one’s self to eat the same things everyday.”

Antonio Shares Fitness Training Exercise Tips through a Book

There are loads of fitness training exercise books out there and to some, the price of this book may be on the high side. So, why Antonio Sabato’s Workout For Life?

The physique achieved by Antonio is no mean feat. This fitness training exercise program book shows you how you can build a great physique by being moderate and commonsensical; without resorting to pills, weight loss diet supplements and fancy weight loss diets; and without lifting weights which may be too heavy for your own good.
It’s refreshing how Antonio departs from the usual oft-cited bodybuilding fitness exercise “wisdom” out there. Conventional bodybuilding fitness exercise techniques teach you to use heavy weights and to have rests in between these heavy sets. However, using heavy weights do not necessarily translate into muscles. Antonio believes in using intensity exercises to build muscles – that means using lighter weights but moving quickly from set to set and without excessive rest. If you have trouble lifting the weights, then it is too heavy for your body, and you should use lighter weights, says Antonio.

Antonio also believes in keeping in shape all year round. So there is no such thing as an “off-season” to him when it comes to fitness training exercise programs and neither is there a need for him to “get in shape again”. The mental attitude adopted by him in terms of fitness exercise is truly inspiring. Antonio helps you to rid yourself of all excuses to get yourself in shape.

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