Anthony Anderson Dishes Out Fitness Exercise and Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Anthony Anderson Dishes Out Fitness Exercise and Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Anthony Anderson’s Fast Fat Loss

Former “Law & Order” star Anthony Anderson proclaimed himself one of “Hollywood’s fat funny guys.” Not anymore! Last year, the comedian decided that fat was not funny and stepped up his health and fitness exercise game.

The actor shared that he was actually the first one diagnosed with diabetes in his family. His parents were diagnosed later.

“I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about eight years ago, but it wasn’t until early 2009 that I experienced a wake-up call and really made lifestyle changes, like undergoing a healthy weight loss program, losing over 40 pounds to actively manage my diabetes,” Anthony reveals to Healthy Hollywood.

As Anthony approached his 40th birthday this past August, he took on healthier lifestyle changes after he realized that his condition might be getting worse if he doesn’t make an immediate lifestyle change like achieving a healthy weight loss through a healthy weight loss program.

So what is Anthony Anderson’s healthy weight loss program like? Well the actor’s healthy weight loss plan involves including better foods as part of his healthy weight loss diet plan and  doing his fitness exercise program regularly.

“It’s sometimes hard to maintain my healthy weight loss program, especially sticking to a healthy weight loss diet plan during the holiday times, but that’s when the healthier substitutions for food in my diet plan come into play,” he revealed.

“I did a little bit of fitness exercise program combined with portion control and eating healthier in my weight loss diet plan. For a while, my healthy weight loss diet plan meant I was gluten-, sugar- and alcohol-free. For my fitness exercise program, I did bike riding around NYC, all kinds of things. I also started with that 30-day detox weight loss program to cleanse my system, but I still try to stay away from complex carbs and all of that in my diet plan. I still drink occasionally. But everything is good in moderation, I’ve found out in research and from my weight loss help, my nutritionist.”

His family also embarked on a healthy weight loss diet plan and they are all now careful about what they include in their weight loss diet plan. Anderson’s healthy weight loss diet plan now includes weight loss foods such as brown rice, baked chicken and collard greens cooked with turkey.

And now that Anthony has embarked on a healthy weight loss program that includes a healthy weight loss diet plan and a regular fitness exercise program, he wants to be an example for other African-Americans. He’s teamed up with Eli Lilly’s F.A.C.E. Diabetes Initiative, which helps African-Americans take control of their disease. Anderson is even sharing his healthy weight loss tips.

Anthony Anderson’s Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan Tips

Healthy Weight Loss Tips #1:

Skim the fat from meat juices before making gravy or sauces.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips #2:

Reduce the amount of sugar you add to your sweet potatoes and squash.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips #3:

Help your guests eat healthier and manage their portion sizes. Try reducing the number of food choices offered. You don’t have to have such a big selection of food!

Healthy Weight Loss Tips #4:

Use smaller plates.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips #5:

Cut desserts into smaller pieces.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips #6:

After helping yourself in the holiday meal, think about indulging in a fitness exercise program such as a long walk for cardio exercise. It may be the perfect post-dessert activity!

The actor said that to fight off diabetes, preventive care plays an important role. It is all about living a healthier lifestyle – eliminating junk food from your diet plan and not putting it in your body, not eating fried foods in your diet plan every day. Sugar, Kool-Aid, those are all of the things that we eat in our community on a daily basis. Practice portion control in your weight loss diet plan – that’s the simplest out of all of it.

“In my travels out in the world, especially in Europe, I was wondering where is the rest of the food? We’re so good at eating a half-pound hamburger. Everything here is supersized. You go to some of these restaurants and order breakfast, and you’ve got three-five pancakes the size of the plate, and it’s coming with sausage – all for $3.99. We’re overeating and overeating the wrong foods that are not part of a healthy weight loss plan.

Overall, Anthony said that the effect of his healthy weight loss program is that he just feels healthier. “I have more energy through the day for longer periods of time. You take care of your body, it will take care of you. And I sleep better, too,” he said, amazed at the result of his healthy weight loss program.

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