127 Hours’ James Franco’s Weight Loss Plan

How to Lose weight, Fast!

James Franco’s Weight Loss Tips

James Franco, as we probably have seen him in Spiderman 3 wasn’t just awesome enough but a great actor indeed. Then comes “127 Hours” It was a challenge in playing the role since his character was based on a living, real-life person.
“I play a lot of characters that were based on real people before,” he said referencing everyone from James Dean to “Milk”‘s Scott Smith to “Howl”‘s Allen Ginsberg. “But the only other one I played that was based on someone who was still alive was in this movie that I’m sure none of you saw called “The Great Raid,” where I played a World War II soldier named Captain Prince. But he wasn’t involved in the movie like Aron Ralston was. So it was the first time I really had the real person around.”

127 Hours was a tale of man (Aaron Ralston), who was on a hiking trip and got in an accident. He was trapped under a boulder which leads him no choice but to amputate his own arm in order to free himself and get into safety. Now the real character was a skilled climber and generally has a body that is great shape. It was James Franco’s Weight Loss Plan that really got our attention, now how was he able to achieve rapid weight loss?

James Franco’s Fitness and Weight Loss Tips

Fitness and Weight Loss Tip#1: Science Diet

James Franco admits that he wasn’t actually an outdoor kind of guy; he got most of his workout in gyms. Apart from that, he incorporated a special diet plan called Science diet. James said;

“I did go on a diet. It’s called Science Diet and I recommend it if you need to lose weight. They mail you food that has some flavour and they give you the portions and you know what to eat.”

Fitness and Weight Loss Tip#2: Boxing

“Boxing, also called pugilism, is a combat sport and martial art in which two people fight using their fists for competition. Boxing is typically supervised by a referee engaged in during a series of one- to three-minute intervals called rounds, and boxers generally of similar weight. James decided to try it out for himself and he needed a mentor to help get himself into shape for the movie called Annapolis. He found Macka, a veteran boxing fitness trainer and ex-fighter from Hollywood’s Wild Card Gym.  ”I think the fights in the film (Annapolis) represent the three stages of Jake’s development,” Franco summarizes. “In the first one, he’s very headstrong, a wild kind of brawler without much skill or discipline.

“By the second one, he’s still very willful but he’s got a bit more spirit, he can take more. But then he really develops his skills and his tenacity and his devotion, and he is a different person in the ring as well as outside of it by that third fight. And it was very important to get that across, in the physical as well as the emotional, so that the audience can feel him changing, His body transformed” says Macka. He was just a skinny kid when I got him, but then he was all cut up and could do 300 push-ups. If I could get half the fighters I train to work this hard, I might be in the Hall of Fame one day.”  James Annapolis Fitness and Weight Loss Program entailed rounds of sit-ups, push-ups, speed bag, heavy bag and jump rope.

Fitness and Weight Loss Tip#3: Keep a Strict Weight Loss Plan and Exercise Program

5 Exercise routines; Jump rope exercises, Sit-ups, Push-ups, Kickboxing and Speed bag Punching.

Fitness and Weight Loss Tip #4: Cardio Exercise

To maintain your body built with these fitness training, first thing to put into mind is your Cardio Exercise. Nothing builds up a couch potato-stamina like a good long jogging.

Fitness and Weight Loss Tip #5: Progression

Other parts of the body also needs to get shaped up with slow and steady build-up of various part intensive exercises. Start all these workout exercises with sets of 10-15 reps each at least 3 times in one go with short breaks, and gradually increase them 40 and slowly to 100 or more.

Fitness and Weight Loss Tip #6: Dedication

There’s no need to rush here! James Franco Weight Loss and Intensive Exercise program may become too strenuous and may actually tire you down, so do things as I’ve told you step by step or gradually. Take enough rests in between and with that, your dedication towards achieving your goal.

As for James’s Success in Fitness and Weight Loss Program, it involves a combination of Diet plan and Intensive Fitness Exercise as these are essential to any fitness training that involves body building necessary for his role in “127 hours”. Add to that are good diet supplements that will help provide the energy you need to do your fitness exercise program, and it helps you maintain the muscle you worked so hard to develop.



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